Date(s) From-To 6/2022 – 11/2022
Project Taking over the role of Procurement Manager, analyzing the processes and staffing levels in the Purchasing department, submitting proposals to resolve any potential issues and  implementing approved corrective actions
Company FläktGroup Czech Republic a.s.
Industry Production, air conditioning, heating, cooling
Position Procurement Manager

Business situation before the mission

The company did not have the position of  Procurement Manager filled, the previous interim Procurement Manager had left the company.
It was necessary to take over the position of Procurment Manager as soon as possible and to ensure the management of the company´s purchasing.
It was necessary to analyse the company´s purchasing processes for efficiency and to ensure that they were corrected if necessary. Cooperation with other departements of the company  was not optimal or was not set up and described as a process.
Several employees had left the Purchasing departement and it was necessary to hire and train new ones.
The company did not have adequate records of contracts with suppliers.
The company had implemented a new information system MS Dynamics in 2021, a lot of parameters relevant to purchusing were not set up at all or were not set up properly.
Business situation after the mission was completed The position of Procurement Manager was taken over successfully.
The main purchasing processes were described and set up. Processes and activities causing problems in cooperation with other departements of the company were identified. These processes were improved and described in cooperation with Quality Management department.
New employees for the Purchasing department were found and hired and the situation in the department was  stabilized.
Regular training regarding the usage of the information system was provided  to both the new and the existing staff.
A record of all contracts with suppliers was established.
The company hired  a new full-time Purchasing and Logistics Manager on November 1, 2022. I trained him and handed the position over to him successfully.
Contribution to the result I was able to quickly take over the job of a Purchasing Manager and I managed it sucessfully.
I analyzed and managed process optimization and subsequent implementation of improved processes in Purchasing departement.
I stabilized the number of employees in the departmens that reported to me.