Date(s) From-To 2004-2005
Project Improvement of financial management funcions in Slovakian subsidiary including SAP adjustment.
Company Lidl Česká republika v.o.s.
Industry Food, Retail, retail chain
Position CFO
Business situation before the mission Lidl started sales activities on Slovak market
The company had to prepare all financial functions on increased number and complexity of transactions after the start of sales.
Czech headquarters was responsible for activities on Slovak market too, it was necessary to implement and adjust SAP accounting system to Slovak requirements.
There was insufficient number of employees in the Slovak accounting department.
Business situation after the mission was completed Slovak accounting department was established.
SAP accounting system was adjusted to Slovak requirements.
New loan reporting system implemented.
My contribution to the result I  chose, hired and educated new people in Slovak accounting department.
I analysed requirements of Slovak accounting regulations which were necessary to implementat in SAP.
I assured implementation of adjustments in SAP.
I changed internal rules and processes in accounting department accordingly.
I implemented and reported all loans in new  loan reporting system.