Date(s) From-To 2013 – 2014
Project Strategy design for opening new distribution channels for new product portfolio
Company Megafyt Pharma s.r.o., Europlant s.r.o.
Industry Pharma, production and distibution, OTC, Pharmaceutical and herbal teas, other herbal products
Position Operational and Financial Director, proxy clerk
Business situation before the mission Company wanted to open new distribution channels for new product portfolio because all products were still sold on OTC market in pharmacies only.
Turnover of the company declined due to move of consumer demand for tea from pharmacies to food market and to groceries.
Listing fees and other costs are increasing rapidly in pharma segment.
Profitability of the company started to decline.
Business situation after the mission was completed Ready to go strategy with detailed financial and marketing plan delivered.
Channels found  – groceries and food market.
Turnover increase was planned in amount of 500%, profitability increase in amount of 8% and profit increas in amount of 14 000 to 300 000 EUR in a five-year-period.
Strategy was rejected by the shareholders because it would create a competition to the major group clients.
My contribution to the result I managed preparation of the strategy and I developed financial details of the strategy – business plan, marketing plan.
I found education programme in frames of Labour Office offered to Czech companies. I decided to apply for a grant for education, after approval it was possible to prepare Strategy of entering new distributions channels as a part of the education.
I managed the inter-company personnel and external advisor which involved cooperation between Megafyt Pharma / Europlant financial, marketing, production and quality management team and team of BDO Advisory,  our strategy consultant.
I managed preparation of all internal materials necessary for formulation of the strategy. Most important part was financial plan including sales and marketing plan with profitability analysis per product. Several scenarios were prepared.